About Us

A bridge between capital markets & community

Momentus Securities, an investment bank with a social purpose, launched in 2023 with the purpose of driving institutional capital to America’s small businesses and nonprofits and positioning “social impact” as a fully investable mainstream asset class for institutional investors.

Momentus Securities — a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member — seeks to disrupt the mission-driven investing space by addressing the current scale and liquidity limitations in the sector, which inhibit the deployment of institutional capital. Momentus Securities aims to facilitate the deployment of $3 billion of social capital by 2026.

Momentus Securities envisions that socially responsible investments will eventually be widely adopted by most institutional investors. With the ongoing need of capital and investment in underserved and underbanked communities, Momentus Securities acts as an agent that provides investors with a variety of mission-driven investable assets by connecting mission-based organizations to the capital markets while generating financial and impact returns.

Our vision

An economic system that respects and uplifts all peoples’ right to achieve the dreams they have for themselves, their communities, and generations to come.

Our Principles

Act in client’s best interest
Relationships over short-term profits
Focus on the double bottom line
Dare to challenge the status quo

Our Mission

We help build inclusive and equitable communities by providing capital market solutions and trusted financial advice to community-centric entities.

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Momentus Securities is a FINRA-member broker/dealer that offers a range of financial products and services to support its mission of connecting mainstream capital sources and impactful investment opportunities.