Jaime Aldama Named as New President of Momentus Securities

Mr. Aldama previously served as Head of Capital Markets for Momentus Securities and brings more than two decades of experience with major investment banks and financial services firms.

April 1, 2024 (New York)

Momentus Securities — a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member — is proud to announce that Jaime Aldama has been named the new President of Momentus Securities, effective April 1, 2024.

Mr. Aldama was one of Momentus Securities’ first employees, joining in July 2022 as its Head of Capital Markets. His contributions were integral in preparing Momentus Securities for its official launch in 2023, and he has continued to guide Momentus Securities as it seeks to fulfill its mission as an investment bank with a social purpose.

Momentus Securities aims to help mission-based lenders overcome scale and liquidity limitations by establishing “social impact” as a fully investable, mainstream asset class for institutional investors.

“Our primary goal is to help the smaller mission-driven lenders who have historically been underserved by the larger Wall Street banks,” said Mr. Aldama. “Momentus Securities bridges the gap between capital markets and mission-driven lenders, attracting the kind of capital that has not been able to be deployed in this ecosystem in the past.”

Mr. Aldama brings more than two decades of experience with some of the most recognizable investment banks and financial services firms. He previously worked at Barclays in the role of North American Head of Credit Structuring. During his time at Barclays, Mr. Aldama oversaw a team that led some of the largest, most critical, and award-winning structured transactions in the industry.

Prior to Barclays, Mr. Aldama was responsible for the origination, structuring and distribution of structured asset-backed derivative transactions and bespoke correlation products at Lehman Brothers, and before that he held a similar role at Citigroup. Mr. Aldama started his career at Societe Generale in their Madrid and London offices. He holds a master’s degree of economic science, majoring in econometrics, from the University College Dublin.

Momentus Securities is part of the Momentus Capital branded family of organizations, which is committed to building inclusive and equitable communities.

How Momentus Securities Connects Mission-Driven Lenders With Socially Conscious Investors

Institutional investment capital can help provide more of the backing that mission-based lenders require to support small businesses and community development facilities to open and grow, creating jobs and generational wealth. It can help provide more of the funding that helps people have access to healthy food, education, and health care. And it can help provide more of the resources to ensure that housing is both affordable and available.

Momentus Securities will:

  • Create warehousing lines within five key themed areas – affordable housing, healthcare, education, small businesses and food.
  • Aggregate portfolios of loans made by all lenders throughout the United States, including mission-driven lenders.
  • Help its clients raise debt capital via bond and note issuances, private placements, and structured credit transactions.
  • Provide public and private placement services for municipal issuers, public agencies, private developers, nonprofit organizations, and other mission-driven borrowers.
  • Provide secondary market liquidity for community-centric organizations focused on America’s underserved communities.

This means that institutional investors will have the opportunity to invest in those products – and therefore support communities – at a scale that has not previously been available.

Momentus Securities also:

  • Provides equity capital raising services to help its clients grow by leveraging an extensive network with impact-driven institutional investors and foundations.
  • Offers credit rating advisory services in all ratings considerations, including first-time ratings, rating upgrade/defense, capital structure optimization, and debt capacity analysis.
  • Provides liability management and capital advisory services to help clients optimize their capital structure and improve their financial strengths.

About Momentus Securities LLC

Momentus Securities, a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member, offers a range of financial products and services to support its mission of connecting mainstream capital sources and impactful investment opportunities. These services include debt and equity capital raising, asset-backed and structured finance as well as corporate finance and advisory services, and will be offered across five key segments: Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Education, Small Businesses and Food. Momentus Securities seeks to bolster the mission-driven investing space by addressing the current scale and liquidity limitations in the sector that inhibit the deployment of institutional capital. Learn more at momentussecurities.com.

Momentus Securities is part of the Momentus Capital branded family of organizations, which also includes, among other organizations, Capital Impact Partners (a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution, or CDFI) and CDC Small Business Finance (a leading SBA Community Advantage Small Business Lending Company, or CA SBLC).

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Momentus Securities is a FINRA-member broker/dealer that offers a range of financial products and services to support its mission of connecting mainstream capital sources and impactful investment opportunities.